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Podcast Consultation

You may have already established that your business will benefit from podcasting, but you still need a strategy that will suit the business.

There are many applications for podcasting in the commercial environment - PR and corporate communications, advertising and marketing, entertainment, travel, leisure, education and training to name but a few.

Many companies can benefit by using podcasting, both internally, to aid the flow of information, keep staff informed and enhance esprit de corps, and externally, to customers, investors, stakeholders.

At Talking Voices we have the skills in-house to integrate podcasting within the context of your media output, keeping overall balance with your existing communication strategy.

We are well versed in finding the right format for your content, and bringing podcasting into play where it will enable valuable and effective communications.

Content Creation

Establishing your own audio-visual content channel has never been easier, but skillsets and facilities needed to produce well-focussed, technically sound, editorially consistent end results are not always immediately accessible.

Podcast production is a mix of all aspects of program-making, plus internet-specific skills, and online services:

    Audio and video production - not just technical skills, but also style choices

    Editorial, journalism and copy-writing - keeping good flow of information

    Presenting and interviewing, voice-over - the right tone for your audience

    Graphic design - as always, people do judge books by the cover

    RSS - it is Really Simple - yet there is more to it than meets the eye...

    Media file hosting - success can cost you, unless you are prepared for it!

    SEO, directory placement - target your content accurately and maximise reach

    User feedback - comment-ready content - email, phone, old-fashioned post...

    Metrics - it is essential to analyse your user data.

If you are taking podcasting seriously, you really need a solution which takes all of these into account.