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Talking Voices Video Showreel

These are examples of our recent on-demand internet media productions.

We also provide a live internet audio and video service which can utilise our broadcast-level studio in Denmark Street, London, as well as on-location streaming from conferences and seminars - contact us to find out more about this.

Right+click (PC) or ctrl+click (Mac) HERE to download this showreel to your portable media player

1. John Cleese Headcast - New Video Series Production

2. Gravity Youth Project - Promotional Video

3. Feedburner - Creativity in Podcasting - Video Podcast Episode

4. English Language Centre - Language School Promotional Video

5. Alien Tone - SuperRingTone - Yamaha - Viral Advertisement

6. Cell Come Journey - Cinema du Lyon - Music Video

7. Don't Mention The World Cup - John Cleese and the First Eleven - Music Video / Animation

8. Cinema is Burning - Cinema du Lyon - Music Video