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Talking Voices: Conferences

Once you've said something, it's lost. If you haven't decided to record or capture something, you'll never see it again. And if nobody knows you're about to say it, then what you say might not matter.

That's true in real life, but it's also true of conferences and events as well. Talking Voices is ideally suited to not only providing you with the best audio-visual of your conference, but to provide a complementary online service for you, your delegates, and other interested parties.

Our experienced team includes Ewan Spence, BAFTA nominated for his coverage of the three week long Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

What can Talking Voices offer your conference

  • Live streaming of audio and video from your conference.

  • A dedicated conference mini-site, either as a standalone destination or integrated into your existing website.

  • A conference blog, running before, during and after your conference, keeping delegates and other interested parties up to date with the latest news from your event.

  • Delegates will be able to interact through real time services, in dedicated chat rooms and social spaces, building on their conference experience.

  • Video and audio interviews with keynote speakers, panellists, and notable attendees, in a searchable archive.

  • Archiving of conference sessions, again through video or audio.

       Please contact us for more information

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