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Talking Voices is a unique company

Talking Voices began as the world's first dedicated international podcast production agency, and has grown into a vibrant media company.

Founded and run by media professionals and producers with a reputation for originality and distinctiveness, we now develop content for internet, broadcast and digital on-demand, offering unrivalled creative strategies and in-depth internet consultancy to our clients.  

With new studio premises in the heart of London's west end, and with established presences in Edinburgh and Dublin, we are well placed to meet your internet and broadcast needs.

Podcast Production, Online Media

We provide end-to-end podcasting production solutions for audio and video, including studio and location recording, scripting, voice-over, media hosting, full web integration, and customer revenue generation. We provide consultancy and training to ensure your podcasting solution correctly meets your needs. We offer seminars and informal how-to sessions for corporations, advertisers and brand managers who want to develop their online media, and need to understand more about podcasting.

Whether you need guidance in taking your ideas from the drawing board to the fast growing global podcast audience, assistance in developing commercial opportunities from podcasting, social media consultancy and training to develop and maintain your own podcast output, on-demand audio / video streaming or live internet broadcasting, we are here to help.

As specialists in all these areas Talking Voices will keep you one step ahead of the game.

Original Creative Content

We have entered a new era in online marketing.  Increasingly companies are demanding more than just a good looking website, while traditional search enhancement with viral email marketing campaigns is no longer enough to gain and retain your clients.

You now have an audience which wants to be involved, included and entertained, an audience ready to watch, listen, take part and absorb. We have the concepts to enable that to happen.

Talking Voices creates skillful, original content in precisely the right formats to get your messages heard.

Social Media Strategies

Social media is booming, and RSS-driven content now accounts for more than 10% of total internet traffic, but many companies still do not have the expertise, skills or experience to move into this important area. Even with a desire to employ the new tools, using them wisely and effectively to engage your audience and build your user base requires a thought-through strategy.

We achieve consistently good results by maintaining extremely high production values.  Offering unrivalled social media packages, from one-off promotions through to events and ongoing campaigns we are proud of our success in growing big audiences for our clients.

mikeWe provide reporting on your podcast activities, audience data and detailed podcast metrics. We understand media licensing, copyright and the legal issues, and we can translate this knowledge into your language.

We aim to be not only the best place for you to come to achieve successful end results, but also to provide an efficient and enjoyable workflow.  Contact us to learn how our experience, creativity and technical knowledge can provide you with an effective voice in the new world of social media.

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Talking Voices
Podcast Showreel

Totally Digital
Careers Podcast

Producer Ben Cohen
Music Dean Whitbread
Talking Voices 2007 © Totally Digital

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Association for International Cancer Research
Producer Mark Hunter
Music Cinema du Lyon
Talking Voices 2007 © AICR

imastering Podcast

Producer Dean Whitbread
Music Gloria Cycles
© Talking Voices 2007

Irish Internet Association National Congress 2007
Producer Brian Greene
Talking Voices 2007 © IIA

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Investing for your
Childs Future
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Presenter Jill Kerby
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